My Art

The Beauty of Poppies

Cover of The Beauty of Poppies

A choice-driven RPG about the American War in Afghanistan. Download and unzip a playable sample here.

The Rub

The short sequel to the upcoming feature, Intimates.

Chloe Chamonix

Cover of Chloe Chamonix novel

My urban fantasy about a girl detective. Buy it on Amazon, or pay what you want via PayPal to receive your PDF today!

Heroes All

Heroes All RPG cover

Play a day in the life of your own comic book! Heroes All casts you as the writer and main character of your own comic. Come up with your powers, create your antagonist, and explore your shared world. Anything from superheroes to space opera to working at a convenience store, play your characters' everyday lives while playing each other's antagonists. Available for purchase now on Drive Thru RPG